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Tijuana Flats

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T1With its originality and twist on modern day Mexican food, this restaurant is anything but ordinary. Any of its guests can tell by just walking in the front doors! With colorful morals all over the walls, as well as being a seat-yourself restaurant, proves that easy going and great food comes together

Now the food my friends, is anything except bland. Tijuana Flats uses all fresh ingredients without preservatives, following their motto, “The fresher it is, the better the taste”. All though the menu does give some ideas, Tijuana wants its costumers to make their own ideas of the perfect meal. With a variety of toppings and choices more than one could even ask for, your meal is created on your creativity. And for such a hefty size meal with great taste, I couldn’t believe how low the prices were. My recommendation would be the blackened chicken nachos. At only $8.00, this meal could fill 2 people easily along with some to take home! And the best thing, all the meals are of the same amount and value.

To beat the summer heat, Tijuana flats has created many hot deals to save your budget; including kids eating free on Sundays, One dollar domestic beers on Mondays starting at 5 pm, Free Budweiser with purchase Wednesdays after 5 pm, and even A Free chips and salsa appetizer in our Towndigger coupon book! Not to mention, all the food options gives you more for your buck!

Think your food needs a little kick? Try out their world famous hot bar. With over 30 different sauces and 15 of the hottest sauces in the world, these test tasters take your taste buds on a whirl wind surprise. Being a dare devil, I decided to try one of these top 15. Number 9, the Endorphin Rush, was my weapon of choice. It started out easy, yet 10 minutes later, tears filled my eyes and the intensity disabled every feeling in my mouth. It took me a while till I actually realized I had taste buds again, Turns out, this baby was 1,000 times hotter than a jalapeño. Safe to say, I’ll trust the hotness levels on the signs before I stick another in my mouth

Along with the hot sauces, Flats decided to maker an organization to help local communities called The Just in Queso foundation. All proceeds of any hot sauces sold of 5 dollar bottles goes to the foundation and returned to the communities in the form of aid and donations. Who knew hot sauce could fire up hearts to help those in need!?!

Over all, this place hit the spot. Amazing food, great service, and good hospitality gives away my outstanding recommendation. And with its American flare, I couldn’t ask for a better meal!!!



Spicy Rubbed Steaks

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Here is a recipe for one of my favorite steak rubs.  Enjoy!

Dry Rub Seasoning       
1 teaspoon        salt
1 teaspoon        ground cumin
1 teaspoon        chili powder
1 teaspoon        black pepper
1 teaspoon        celery salt
1 teaspoon        dry mustard
1/2 teaspoon     cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons      paprika
Combine all dry rub ingredients well. Spread rub mixture evenly on the steaks prior to cooking. The natural moisture of the item should help the rub adhere. Cook steaks on grill to desired doneness.


Sparkling Pom Collins

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Sparkling Pom Collins (Non-Alcoholic)Drink Recipe Ingredients:

    * 1 oz. Stirrings Club Soda (6.3 oz. per bottle)
    * 2 oz. Stirrings Pomegranate Cocktail Mixer (32 oz. per bottle)
    *  splash(es) fresh lime juice

Servings: 1

Drink Recipe Preparation:

    * In a chilled champagne flute, combine 2 oz. Stirrings Pomegranate Cocktail Mixer and 1 oz. Stirrings Club Soda.
    * Add a splash of fresh lime juice and garnish with a lime wedge.



Jalapeo Cornbread

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jalapeno-cornbreadJalapeno Cornbread

1 cup cornmeal
17 ounces corn kernels, canned     whole
1/2 teaspoon baking soda    
3/4 teaspoon salt    
1 each jalapeno pepper chopped
2 large eggs beaten
1 cup buttermilk    
1 pimento chopped
1/2 cup margarine melted
1 cup cheddar cheese grated
1 medium onion     chopped

1.    Mix all ingredients except cheese.

2.    Pour into a well-greased 9x9 inch pan.

3.    Place the 1 cup cheese on top.

4.    Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.



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Amount     Ingredient
3 pounds    pork (shoulder or butt)
5 cloves     garlic, peeled
1               bay leaf (laurel)
1               onion, peeled and quartered
3 cups       orange juice
      broth to cover meat
      lard or oil for frying
      salt and pepper to taste
2              red bell peppers, sliced
2              green bell peppers, sliced
1              zucchini, sliced
1              yellow squash, sliced


In a large saucepan, brown the pork on both sides. Carefully add in the orange juice, then add broth to cover meat. Add in garlic, bay leaf and the onion. Bring the liquid to a boil then turn it down to a simmer for 2 1/2 hours. Remove pork from liquid and pull apart into chunks, discard any excess fat or bones. Lightly salt pork chunks. Heat oil in a large frying pan and fry the pork chunks for 2-3 minutes until brown and crispy on the outside. Add peppers, zucchini and squash and continue cooking until vegetables are crisp tender. Serve immediately with your favorite side dish.

4 to 6 servings

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