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High-school Students Win Essay Contest & Trip to Capitol

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TAVARES — High-school students from Lake County Schools recently competed in the Third Annual Lake County Days Essay contest to win an opportunity to travel to Tallahassee to tour the Capitol and meet with state legislators.

The essay contest asks students to address current civic topics. Students can choose from two writing prompts dealing with civic responsibility. The first prompt reads, “There appears to be apathy among youth today as to political involvement. If given the opportunity, what would you do to change it?” The second prompt reads, “Should politicians be held to a higher ethical standard than you and I?”

This year’s winners are Alexa Davies of Mount Dora High, Victoria Chandler of Eustis High and Jazzy Montgomery of South Lake High. These students will visit Tallahassee on February 22-23 when many other elected and community leaders from Lake County will be visiting the Capitol to meet and network with state legislators.

The essay contest is sponsored by Chamber Alliance of Lake County, Lake-Sumter Community College and Leadership Lake County.


Through Songs & Laughter Treadway Elementary Students to Learn about Values of Character

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LEESBURG — Students and parents at Treadway Elementary will be treated to special shows of music, magic and comedy that helps students learn the importance of honesty, self-respect, cooperation and responsibility on Thursday, February 24th.

Scott Humston will deliver “The Pro-Kids Show!” twice during the school day for students and then again at 6:30 p.m. where parents are invited. According to “The Pro-Kids Show!” website at www.schoolshow.com, the 40-minute assembly for the student body is full of music, magic, stories, songs and throughout it messages about honesty, self-respect, cooperation and many other qualities are discussed via the entertainment and involvement. This one-hour family night show is completely different from the assembly, yet has all the same high-class production values of the assembly. The messages conveyed in this program are strong and are geared to parents as well as the students.

“The students, staff and parents at Treadway are excited to have “The Pro-Kids Show!” return for this event,” said Robin Neeld, Principal at Treadway Elementary.


Students Compete in Science & Engineering Fair

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TAVARES — Lake County Schools hosted its 2011 Lake Regional Science and Engineering Fair on February 4-5 at Tavares Middle School and the outcome was a stunning success.

Since the 2008, the number of projects submitted by students from private and public schools has more than tripled as judges at this year’s fair at their hands full with 101 projects to evaluate.

“The Regional Science Fair saw an increase in the level of the projects,” said Claudia Rowe, Program Specialist in the Lake County Schools Curriculum Department. “The judges commented that this year was difficult to make the selection as the quality was very good. My hope is that the eighth graders will continue on the Science Fair to the high school by working on their projects during the summer.”

The high-school and middle-school winners of the 2011 Lake Regional Science and Engineering Fair that will move on to the state competition on March 23-25 in Orlando are: Chelsea Massaro from Mount Dora Bible; Kevin Serrano-Ruiz from Gold Medal Academy; Devina Basdeo from Windy Hill Middle; Leah Henigan from Tavares Middle; Sydney Fallman from Clermont Middle; D’Ayn Sayre from Umatilla Middle; Gina Ciccio from Clermont Middle; Joshua Hoadley from Clermont Middle; and Jasmin Click from Windy Hill Middle.

Middle-school students recognized at the science fair includes (category indicated in parentheses):


•    Devina Basdeo, Windy Hill Middle – “Brand vs. Generic” (Biochemistry)
•    Leah Henigan, Tavares Middle – “What Type of Bruised Apple Rots Quickest?” (Botany)
•    Joshua Hoadley, Clermont Middle – “The Relationship Between Solutes and Solvents” (Chemistry)
•    Katelyn Hernandez, Clermont Middle – “The Effects of Barriers on the Process of Erosion” (Earth Space)
•    Mike St. Clair, Tavares Middle – “Sports Science: Baseball Bat Design vs. Performance” (Engineering)
•    Micheala McLean, Windy Hill Middle   “A Comparison of Organic and Synthetic Fertilizers and Their Nitrogen-Leaching Effect on the Florida Aquifer” (Environmental)
•    Joshua Clark, Windy Hill Middle – “Jump Shot Accuracy” (Math)
•    Megan Kimis, East Ridge Middle – “Hum Much Iron is in Your Cereal?” (Medicine & Health)
•    D’Ayn Sayre, Umatilla Middle – “Cheap Heat” (Physics)
•    Gina Ciccio, Clermont Middle – “The Effect of Food Supplement on the Weight Gain of Mice” (Zoology)

•    Sydeny Fallman, Clermont Middle – “The Effect of Different Liquids on Bean Plants” (Botany)
•    Jasmin Click, Windy Hill Middle – “Vitamin C in Oranges” (Chemistry)
•    Tho Hoang, Tavares Middle – “What Does Soil Do To the pH of Water?” (Earth Space)
•    Monica Mousadi, Umatilla Middle – “Recycling Made Easy: Using Reflected Light” (Engineering)
•    Clarissa Bowers, Umatilla Middle – “Starlight, Star bright, Why Can't I see the Stars at Night?” (Environmental)
•    Rohan Patel, Clermont Middle – “The Effect of the Type of Dice on the Probability of an Outcome” (Math)
•    Jesse Castillo, Windy Hill Middle – “Does Eye Color Affect Vision” (Medicine & Health)
•    Sierra Summers, Gray Middle – “Pointed vs. Rounded” (Physics)
•    Skyler Best, Clermont Middle – “The Effect of Food on Ants” (Zoology)


•    Taylor Staley, Windy Hill Middle – “Which Eye Color is Most Dominant and Recessive in My Family Genes? (Biochemistry)
•    Alexis Klawitter, Tavares Middle – “Homemade Paper: Which is More Durable?” (Botany)
•    Leah Holladay, Mount Dora Middle – “Ice, Ice Baby” (Chemistry)
•    Lily Edelstein, Tavares Middle – “Sinkholes” (Earth Space)
•    Sarah Smith, Clermont Middle   “The Effect of Heat Transfer with Cooking” (Engineering)
•    Maya Weissman, East Ridge Middle   “What Household Materials Clean Up Oil Spills the Best?” (Environmental)
•    Lydia MacGregor, Mount Dora Middle   “Burn Factor” (Medicine & Health)

•    Mikayla Omlie, Windy Hill Middle – “How does age affect memory” (Behavioral)
•    William Bentley, Umatilla Middle – “The Bean Plant Grow Off” (Botany)
•    Dakota Engel, Umatilla Middle – “Can Increased Amounts of Carbon Dioxide Help Plants Grow Quickly?” (Botany)
•    Abbie Holt, Clermont Middle – “The Effect of Conventional vs. Green Detergent on Plant Growth” (Botany)
•    Rodman DeWitt-Rogers, Tavares Middle – “What the Fastest Way to Cool a Soda?” (Chemistry)
•    Olivia Green, Oak Park Middle – “What Type of Hard Candy Melts the Fastest?” (Chemistry)
•    Angela McTigue, East Ridge Middle – “How Does the Type of Oil Affect the Amount of Heat Energy it Produces When it Burned?” (Chemistry)
•    Mariah Richardson, Oak Park Middle – “What Building Materials Will Stand Longer During an Earthquake?” (Earth Space)
•    Parker Merrill, Clermont Middle – “What Happens to 2 Stroke Motor Oil When in Different Types of Water” (Earth Space)
•    Katie Holt, Clermont Middle – “Effect of the Amount of Peat Moss on the Absorbency of Sandy Soil” (Earth Space)
•    Caleb Bright, East Ridge Middle – “Closed or Open - Which Archimedes Screw Transports Water Uphill Best?” (Engineering)
•    Zachary Block, Windy Hill Middle – “Winglets and How They Work” (Engineering)
•    Jacob Santos, Tavares Middles – “Batteries, Who Last Longer” (Engineering)
•    Margaret Griffin, Gray Middle – “Deadly Rain” (Environmental)
•    Benjamin Boryseiwicz, Gray Middle – “Plants vs. Oil” (Environmental)
•    Olivia Hunter, Umatilla Middle – “Milk 101” (Medicine & Health)
•    Maggie Hohne, Gray Middle – “Does Foods Lose Vitamin C When Cooked?” (Medicine & Health)
•    Lyrika Nicolls, Mount Dora Middle – “Go Sneeze Go!” (Medicine & Health)
•    Willie Duhart, Clermont Middle   “The Effect of Mass on an Object’s Velocity” (Physics)
•    Nipa Shil, Oark Park Middle – “Does the Volume of a Jar Effect Burn Time of Candle” (Physics)
•    Charley Ann Caswell, Umatilla Middle – “Rainbow Temperature” (Physics)
•    Taylor Stagg, Gray Middle – “Brine Shrimp Babies” (Zoology)
•    Taylor Crane & Kielee Bell, Tavares Middle – “How Do Crystals Form” (Team)
•    Nicole Taylor & Tayla Machado, Tavares Middle – “Sun Cookies” (Team)
•    Victoria Crabill & Kalie Williamson, Montessori at Rosebourgh – “The Effect of Music and Voice on Plants” (Team)

High-school students recognized at the science fair includes (category indicated in parentheses):

•    Gary Lin, Gold Medal Academy – “Ants Freeze” (Biochemistry)
•    Chelsea Massaro, Mount Dora Bible – “Effect of Copper Ion Chelation on Curcumin's Antioxidant Capacity” (Chemistry)
•    Sofia Karavolos, Gold Medal Academy – “Race to Rotten” (Environmental)
•    Kevin Serrano-Ruiz, Gold Medal Academy – “The Effects of Light on the Regeneration of Panaria” (Zoology)
•    Kassie Ledoux & Shelby McGuire, Umatilla High – “Holograms” (Team)
•    Dillion Sherman & Marshall Wood, Tavares High – “The Effects of Surface Area and Internal Reflection on Photovoltaics” (Team)

•    Minh Pham, Gold Medal Academy – “Stinky Starch” (Chemistry)
•    Rebekah Trein, Gold Medal Academy, “Growing of Young Bearded Dragons” (Zoology)

•    Dalney Shadgett, Gold Medal Academy – “Equine Food Choices” (Zoology)
•    Katie Kicklighter & Alecia Sabourin, Umatilla High – “Tactile Simulation and Its Effects on Mental Development of MUS musculus” (Team)

•    Jamie Stansel & Laura Mitchell, Gold Medal Academy – “Ready, Set, Sprout” (Team)
•    Nathan Little & Cooper Small, Umatilla High – “Anti-Gravity: The Project” (Team)


Congratulations Cypress Ridge Terrific Kids February 15, 2011

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Ryan Shiner, Rachel Marks, Nia Easterwood, Kean January-Jones, Nate Williams, Kendyl Cardwell, Carleigh Benedict, Jackson Staton, Jennifer Nasti-Hernandez, Jordan Monson, Masseni Diakite, Hunter Peake, Christian Fernandez, Eddie Camolilla, Dylan Abbott, Semira Smith, Giovanni Testa, Brayden Jessmer, Tayler Roberson, Abby Smelas, Brenna Oliveri, Zev Jungreis, Emma Coffman, Gavin Grogan, Lucas Donnely, Robert Markey, Willow Parks, Mattias Peroni

Kiwanian - Connie Carlson
Principal - Randy Campbell
Assistant Principal - Jan Nappi


South Lake High Lifter to Compete for State Title

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BakerGROVELAND — Next time you see Jasmine Baker, a junior at South Lake High School, you may be looking at Lake County Schools’ newest state champion.

Baker is set compete against all the top athletes from around the state on Saturday, Februry 12, at the FHSAA Girls Weightlifting Championships beginning at 10:30 a.m. at the Kissimmee Civic Center, located at 201 E. Dakin Ave.

“She has a chance to become a member of a very elite group of student athletes who have won a state championship at South Lake High School since day one back in 1993,” said Matthew Sanderlin, Coach of South Lake High’s Girls Weightlifting Team. “To my knowledge, it has only happened twice out of an amazing group of student athletes that have come through our doors over the years.”

Baker competed against 25 other high schools at the State Sectional Weightlifting Meet in New Port Richey on Jan. 29 and finished first in her weight class. She bench pressed 235 pounds and recorded 175 pounds at the clean and jerk event for a combined lift of 410, which bested her nearest opponent by 50 pounds.

Out of all nine districts to qualify for the state championship, Baker’s score was second best. At the state competition she will have to contend with an entry from Navarre High School, who broke the state record with a combined lift of 435.

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